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Baseus Car Mount Stand Wireless Charger 15W Car Phone Holder Air Outlet Holder Wisdom Auto Alignment Car Charger Phone Support Baseus Car Mount Stand Wireless Charger 15W Car Phone Holder Air Outlet Holder Wisdom Auto Alignment Car Charger Phone Support
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  Precise Alignment, Get Your Power Back in a Jiffy Wisdom Car Mount Wireless Charger Features *Auto-alignment coils *Wide compatibility *15W output *Stable and tight grasp Maximum 15W Power Output, Fully Charge in One Trip Qi 15 W certified and compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Direction Adjustable and Precise Alignment Any phone could be tightly locked in with the alignment of the charging coil. No More Squeaking, Firm and Stable Grasp Hollow soft silica gel pads to cushion impact force, and a triangle clamp locks in the phone firmly without noise. Automatic Lock-in Design A motor-driven phone holder can detect and lock a phone firmly and automatically. User-friendly Design, One-Hand Operation A highly responsive touch button ensures quick response. Anti-accidental-tap: prevents it from opening and closing unexpectedly. Intelligent Recognition It stops charging to prevent overheating when detecting an object other than wireless phones Wireless Charging Even with the Phone Case on Excellent magnetic power,charge your phone wirelessly even with the phone case on  ..
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Fixed angle of a knife, metal material, sharpening, stones, sharpening, grinding, kitchen kitchen tools, kitchen tools
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Professional knife, professional knife, sharpening system, stainless steel, 360 degrees, face design, with 6 slices, home kitchen, grinding accurate parts, suitable for tool lovers who like to use hands   【High quality】: Equipped 6 pieces of various elderly network: 120 #, 320 #, 600 #, 1500 #, 5000 #, 10,000 #.Milling needs can meet different tools.Most of the tool holders are stainless steel, which is very permanent and durable. 【360 degrees】: A fixed angle design, an innovative facial installation system, 360 degrees, which allows stirring to sharpen the other side while maintaining the same angle and edge. 【Security design】The handle is located above the blade.When pushing the stone back and forth to sharpen your knife, it will not harm your hand. 【Strong durability and simple installation】Most materials of the frame grinding tool are made of stainless steel, which is very permanent and durable.Six different grinding can meet the needs of grinding all tools in daily life.Easy to install and use. 【multi-purpose】: It can be used in the family the kitchen tool grinding, cutting lovers, to do it for yourself a grinding carpentry tool, the devices a grinding tool, a grinding tool maintenance, suitable for grinding tool industry, accurate parts, small tools, tools, accuracy grinding tools, etc.   How to choose a grinding stone: 1.THe is less stones, a tougher surface, cutting a boring knife sooner. 2.THE number of stones higher, more accurate surface, suitable for daily sharpening, polishing. Note: Please keep wet stones when sharpening, you can use oil or water. Features: 1. 360 degrees, a fixed angle design 2. The structure is simple and easy to install 3. Salama design 4. Easy to clean and store advice: Before use, the ground stone interferes in the water for a while so that there is no bubble.Maintaining the appropriate moisture can effectively prevent stone from corrosion and prolong its service.After use, mills can be cleaned and placed at a natural temperature and a dry environment to avoid high temperature and humidity. Specifications: Grendstone: 120 stones, 320 stones, 600 stones, 1500 stones, 5000 stones, 10,000 stones Material: Metal + Plastic Package size: 27.8*13.8*9.5 centimeters/10.94*5.43*3.74in Grinding: 150*20*5 mm/5.90*0.79*0.2 inches Included packaging: 1 * Arc 6 * Master Stone 1 * Directory (English)  ..
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Professional knife high quality professional quality Ruixin Pro
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The new trademark! 1. New metal.This match is made only from aluminum alloy on aliexpress 2. The new Angel modification system.Setting the polishing angle accurately.Memory system angle 3. The new flipping shot turns into a sharpening of the other side while maintaining the same angle and edge 4. Innovative patented the retention system of abrasive, suitable for various abrasive materials. 5- The system of quiet and smooth guidance 6. Suitable for various shapes of the edges of the pieces 7. A comfortable adjustable handle.Feel good..
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